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GEMfix 3050

Rhinestones automatic setting machine

GEMfix 3050 is an ultrasonic rhinestone fixing machine which is perfect for the advertising and personalization market. It allows you to set rhinestones on a large variety of fabrics without the use of a heat press.
This is the perfect machine for fixing rhinestones/rhinestuds on caps, combine rhinestones with embroidery, and reduce the equipments and supplies needed for work.
GEMfix 3050 fixes rhinestones directly on material by ultrasonic welding and can be operated manually or automatically. This versatile rhinestone setting machine allows you to work with the same embroidery frames and cap frames from the embroidery machine. You can also move the frames between the embroidery machine and GEMfix 3050.

It also can work with flat frame, perfect for unfinished garments, and shoe frame, for applying directly on shoes.


2 or 4 stone feeders which allow you to use 2 or 4 colors or different sizes. control of the machine’s functions through the laptop
ultrasonic welding. liberty to choose any rhinestone size in the same design.
large working area: 300 x 500mm ideal for advertizing and personalization markets
adapts embroidery frame (optional) low cost machine with high production rates.
adapts cap frame with a 50 × 160mm area (optional)  


Allows you to use embroidery frame and cap frame

Remove the work from the embroidery machine and place it directly on GEMfix 3050 to fix the rhinestones in the embroidery or on caps without having to change the frame and vice versa.

Drawings transfer

Drawings can be sent to GEMfix 3050 in various ways, namely, LAN, WIRELESS and USB pen drive.


3050: Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machine


Compatible Software - GEM by Pulse (Minimum Level Creator)
  • Produce your designs in minutes and send them to the GEMfix machine and embroidery machine simultaneously, greatly reducing production times.
  • Open embroidery files (.dst) and easily combine embroidery with rhinestones.
  • Easily import vector files (cdr, ai, dxf, eps, dts, ...) directly into GEM by Pulse while preserving both vector points and colors of the original file.
  • Select one segment and decide whether to just add stones to the line or fill the entire area of the vector.
  • DrawFusion for integration with CorelDraw.



Download PDF
Type Column
Working Area 300 x 500mm
Flat Frame Working Area 300 x 500mm
Embroidery Frame (optional) until 300x423mm
Cap Frame (optional) 50 x 160mm
Memory Unlimited (pc / laptop)
Production Rate (stones per minute) 90spm (max speed)
Rhinestone size From SS 6 (2mm) to SS 20 (5mm) - option untill SS 45 (10mm)
Panel windows pc
Pressure control manual pneumatic regulator
Stone feeder 2 or 4 colors / sizes
Welding method ultrasonic
Dimensions (without / with box) 1080 x 780 x 1300mm / 1200 x 800 x 900mm
Compressor (liters per minute) 150 liters/minute

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