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Frequently Asked Questions for GEMfix XC

Q: What is the maximum diameter of the roll of material to be cutted?

  • The maximum diameter in the standard machine is 400mm however, we have the 2nd roll support option, that can lift the roll diameter to 1000mm. With this option, can easily support a bubble wrap roll.


Q: What is the diameter of the roll support of the cutter?

  • The diameter of the roll support of the machine is 20mm.


Q: What is the maximum weight of the roll?

  • The maximum weight that the standard machine can support is 30Kg. However, as a special request, we can reinforce it to support up to 50Kg.


Q: What is the minimum cut length?

  • The minimum cut length is 10mm, but also depends on the material, because of the ramp on the cut section exit.


Q: What is the speed of the GEMfix XC?

  • The GEMfix XC can make a cut of 100mm in 10 seconds. The number of cuts will affect the speed of the machine. With smaller cuts, it takes more time to cut the same meters. The standard motor of the GEMfix XC have 50RPM.


Q: What is the cut accuracy?

  • The GEMfix XC cut with great accuracy, with approximatelly 1mm of error margin.


Q: What rolls width can I cut with my GEMfix XC?

  • The GEMfix XC can be made with several sizes. For example, the GEMfix 60XC can cut rolls with width up to 570mm. The 110XC can cut rolls with width of 1070mm. To know exactly, you just need to subtract 30mm to the model of the machine.


Q: How much time is needed to change the cutter blade?

  • The GEMfix XC uses standard cutter blades. For beginners, you need about 10 minutes to change the blade. For expert operators, the maximum time needed will be 5 minutes.


Q: What is the warranty period for this equipment?

  • One year for electric and electronical parts, and 2 years for mechanical parts.


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