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FAQS Rhinestone Transfer Motif

FAQS Rhinestone Transfer Motif

Q: What type of stones can I use in the GEMfix machine?

  • The GEMfix machine is not tied in to one single type of rhinestones.

  • We can use standard rounds stones , nailheads, studs and also some special shapes, like stars, squares , triangles...etc etc

  • The GEMfix machine can handle rhinestone sizes from SS6(2mm) to SS20(5mm) – option until SS45(10mm).


Q: Why should I consider the GemFix machine over plotter type systems or CAD cut systems?

  • The GemFix machine is an automatic rhinestone machine. You can simply place a transfer sheet onto it’s table, send your newly created design from Funtime rhinestone design software right to your machine. Press start. And the machine will take care of the rest.


Q: What is the maintenance like on the GemFix machine?

  • The maintenance of the machine is basicly to keep the machine clean and lubrificate the needs points.

  • There are also some air filters that should be cleaned regularly.

  • By using the optional vacuum pump the maintenance is very easy since there are no problems related with the compressed air.


Q: Why should I add Rhinestone designs to my existing retail inventory?

  • It’s quite simple. If you notice in almost every single store you’ll see that customers are attracted to the brights and to shiniest objects in it!

  • So the one thing that you got to do is add Rhinestone designs to your sales floor because that will attract customers due to the hard miss gleam coming from your embellished goods.

  • Rhinestone designs out-profit any embroidered or printed good hands down, and capture easy sales through customized services.


Q: How long does it take for an average design to finish once I press the START button?

  • Depending on the rhinestones, it can apply up to 190 rhinestones per minute.


Q: Once the design has finished, how do you get the rhinestone to stay on the shirt?

  • So when the design has finished, simply line up the design onto your garment and heat press at 160ºC for 10 seconds, allow to cool then peel. That’s it.


Q: How do you recommend washing garments with rhinestone embellishment?

  • We recommend washing the garments inside out, at a maximum temperature of 40ºC.


Q: Since the GEMfix machine has 4 colors, is it possible for me to do more than 4 colors or sizes?

  • Of course, that is an opcional choice. You can have 2, 4, 8 or 12 colors/sizes. You can also have several different working areas.


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