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Nailheads with Prongs

Nailheads with Prongs

The Nailheads with prongs, just like the rhinestones and rhinestuds, are available in several sizes, shapes and colors. The Nailheads can be used with our machine TCH, automatic machine to apply pronged nailheads. A design with nailheads will always become great and there's a possibility to combine rhinestones and nailheads in just one design, giving it a great and dynamic look.

If we deconstruct the word, we easily understand the funtion of the nailheads, a small decorative object to look like the head of a nail. They give depth, color and shine to your project. 

They can be used to decorate clothes like jackets, shirts, jeans, belts or any other accessories, like collars or leatherwork. With the nailheads, you can also revive old accessories or clothes, giving them a new look and shine!

Push your limits! Be smart! Be creative!

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