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Semi-Automatic Rhinestones Fixing Machine

Strassfix is a semi-automatic hotfix machine which allows you to fix rhinestones on a great variety of materials, mainly on clothes and shoes where a hot press cannot be used.


Fix rhinestones on a wide range of materials. Eliminates the use of a heat press.
2 colors/sizes. Fix rhinestones on already made pieces.
Fix rhinestones on pieces with embroidery, transfers, sequins... Fix rhinestones on printed fabrics.
Faster, innovative and more precise system. Fix rhinestones on garments with embroidery and 3D embroidery.
Robust structure. Fix rhinestones and sequins on the same piece


Strassfix - Semi-automatic Hotfix Machine


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Rhinestones feeder 2 Colors / Sizes
Cylinder rotation Step Motor / Software Regulation
Dimensions 600 x 1200 x 700mm
Compressor (liters per minute) 150 Liters/Minute

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