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GEMfix 7050

Automatic Rhinestone and Rhinestud Transfer Machine

GEMfix 7050 is a robust automatic rhinestone transfer machine optimized to work 24 hours a day.

With this automatic machine you can do rhinestone transfers with sizes up to 70×50cm and up to 8 rhinestone sizes or colors.

GEMfix 7050’s high production rate can reach up to 200 stones per minute.


Automatic machine which creates rhinestone, rhinestud and other transfer motifs. For large designs or many repetitions of small designs.
Reduced use of compressor with vacuum pump. Innovative, faster and more accurate system.
Up to 8 rhinestone colors or sizes. Servo vacuum system.
Max. Speed: 200 rhinestones per minute. Independent speed adjustment per feeder.
Rhinestone size from 2mm (ss6) to 5mm (ss20). Ready to work 24 hours a day
Maximum working area: 700×500mm. Robust structure.


With Funtime scrapbooking, you'll have every style you need to create your letter cutting projects.

This software includes over 200 fonts, all tested and approved.

Easy to use. Imports vectors (pdf, eps, ai, dxl, prn, plt, wpc, vip, etc.)
5 Rhinestone fonts. Imports/exports files (bmp, jpg, tiff, eps, pcx, wmf).
More than 200 fonts where rhinestones can be applied. Access to your computer’s True Type font.
700 Rhinestone shapes. Automatic vectorization.
Imports SVG files.  


Download PDF
Type bridge mode
Working area 750 x 500mm
Memory unlimited (pc / laptop)
Production Rate (stones per minute) 200spm (max speed)
Rhinestone Size from SS 6 (2mm) to SS 20 (5mm) - option until SS 45 (10mm)
Panel windows pc
Stone Feeder optional 4 or 8 color / sizes
Cylinder Rotation step motor / software regulation
Dimensions (without / with) 2000 x 1600 x 1400mm / 2200 x 1800 x 1600mm
Compressor (liters per minute) 100 liters/minute or 25 liters / minute with vacuum pump

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