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Rhinestones and Rhinestuds

Rhinestones and Rhinestuds

Rhinestones can be easily applied on various textile materials. In the back of the rhinestones, a layer of hot-melt adhesive is activated by the use of heat, for example, with a heat press. This makes the rhinestones to bond with the carrier material. They are also wash-resistant, rhinestones and rhinestuds are a key part of all of our work. Our categories of machines, Direct Rhinestone Fixing or Transfer Motif Maker, need this element. The rhinestones are available in several sizes, colors and shapes. The international measurement of rhinestones sizes is SS (Stone Size). Available sizes from SS4 up to SS40.

Rhinestones are a very versatile product, you just need to use your imagination! Use them on products like t-shirts, shoes, wedding dresses, suits for gymnastic, skating and dancing, or other applications, like nails or decoration.

So, what's the big difference between rhinestones and rhinestuds? The rhinestones are a stone with transparency. On the other half, the rhinestuds have a solid color and have no transparency (in the rhinestuds category, you can also know the domestuds, that are round and simple rhinestuds without the usual stoning). 


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